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If you are anticipating the purchase of a home and are actively seeking the services of a home inspector, Total Home Inspections of New England would be delighted to be of service to you.  Please feel free to call or text us at 508.735.5941.  To email us, please visit the contact us page.  The remainder of this page will review the Massachusetts home inspection process and the basic components that will be inspected.

Role of home inspection in the real estate transaction

The home inspection process can be triggered in a number of ways.  The seller can request a home inspection prior to placing his/her property on the market.  However, more frequently the potential home owner will request that a home inspection be performed at or near the completion of the real estate purchase transaction.

The purpose of a home inspection is to provide the Client with an inspection report that forthrightly discloses the physical conditions of the systems and components which are readily accessible and observable, including those systems and components, which are safety hazards as observed at the time of the inspection.  The home inspection is to be performed by a qualified and certified (by the Stare of Massachusetts) home inspector.  To learn more about your home inspector, Terry E. Tvrdik, please visit the about page of this site.

An Overview of the home inspection process

The home inspection process begins with the client contacting a licensed home inspector to provide inspectional services consistent with Massachusetts general law.  The home inspector provides the client and only the client, (unless otherwise directed by the client) with a contract for services rendered by the inspector and a clear understanding of what the client needs to provide prior to the inspection.  At this point in the process, the inspector inspects the home (see services page for complete service offering) and generates a report disclosing the condition of the systems and components to the client.  Once again, the inspector provides only to the client a copy of the confidential report (unless directed otherwise by the client).

Inspectional services typically fall into four categories:

1.  Those described within the Massachusetts document 266 CMR

2.  Pest inspection service

3.  Radon testing (air and water)

4.  Optional services (swimming pools, full chimney lining, detached buildings, etc.)

Please refer to the services page for a complete description of the home systems and components that are included within the home inspection process.

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